Revision Policy:

Under our revision policy, customers can request for revisions depending alone on the selected package. Customers can request our team for unlimited free site revisions. All these revision holds no hidden charges, as long as the site design and model remains the same. However, requesting revision is limited to a turnaround time of 48 hours.

Refund Policy / Money Back Guarantee:

Under any circumstances, the deposited payment for the ordered project shall no longer be substance to refund once the initial design concepts are approved.

All refund demands will be fulfilled as per the following arrangement:

  • A customer can request a refund before approving the initial concepts offered. However, once the customer has agreed to initial designs, no revision requests will be catered. All the refund offers are terminated and won't be entertained.
  • If a customer refund request is made before receiving initial concepts, then the customer is qualified for a Full Refund (after 10% deduction of service & processing fee).
  • However, if the refund request is put forward within 48 hours, customers are eligible for a 66% refund (after a 10% deduction of service & processing fee).
  • If the customer refund request is made within 48-120 hrs of the delivery of the initial concepts, the customer is eligible for a 33% payment refund (after 10% deduction of service & processing fee).
  • We do not entertain any refund requests after 120 hours of your initial design delivery; however, since we believe in 100% customer satisfaction, you're encouraged to contact us in case of any concern.
  • We don't accept any refund requests after the final files are delivered.
  • You cannot request any refund if you have not responded to us timely or taken any actions for 30 days after placing order. However, you can reactivate your order after paying certain fees (depending on the project).
  • No refund requests from customers will be entertained once your site development is completed or once the site is deployed live.
  • Every refund request will be catered and looked at by the company support department.

Bakersfield Web Design, under the damage of user agreement, holds all the right to agree/disagree customer's request on an individual case to case basis.

  • Bakersfield Web Design all pricing packages, refund policy remains the same.
  • A refund request will only be catered under valid reasons which need to be eligible against the given design brief and client response on revisions. If the concept varies from the client's brief, refund requests and additional revisions will be catered by the team until guarantee complete satisfaction.
  • Money-back guarantee policy works on the basis of good faith and confidence placed on the Company. In cases we find out that customers under any circumstances have placed similar orders to multiple agencies, we hold all the rights to declined refund requests.
  • Every design, our teamwork needs customer feedback on every step of the work. In cases where the customer provides no timely feedback, we are unable to provide desired results. And the customer holds no rights to reject or declined the projects after the completion.
  • A 100% unique design guarantee entitles you to a re-draw if our designed site is to be found considerably similar to another design that may already exist. Any similarity found to already existing design will be only a chance, and we at Bakersfield Web Design not take any accountability or claim of any return in such cases. However, the customer on their side holds the responsibility to get their work copyrighted.

How to claim your refund:

To make sure you are eligible for the claim, you need to make sure that your refund request is appropriate, and you meet all the given requirements.

  • Customers can claim a refund and submit their queries by contacting us via email and number.
  • Our support team will resolve all your queries and concerns under our refund policy. Or else we will send you an email if your refund request is approved. However, after the refund, the Bakersfield Web Design company holds all the rights on the concept/idea of the design, and the clients cannot use the concepts/ideas as we reserve all the rights.
  • Working in collaboration with the Government Copyright Agencies Bakersfield Web Design Company would share Copyright Acquisition information for the refunded designs that would restrict the re-use of the designs as original designs in the future.
  • If you hold any queries, you can contact us, and we are available for our customer's support and assistance 24*7.

Communication Policy:

You are well aware of the fact and agree upon Bakersfield Web Design company is not accountable for any communication on email other than info@bakersfieldwebdesign.net or any number that is not mentioned on our site. We are not held responsible for any loss caused in this regard.

Our Company is only responsible for communications that are made through our email address under our own domain name or via number, i.e., already stated on Bakersfield Web Design Site.

Access to Information:

To access Bakersfield Web Design, you are required to provide definite registration details or added information. By accepting our Company's terms & conditions, you hereby acknowledge that all the info provided by you will be accurate, up-to-date, and complete. If Bakersfield Web Design thinks that the data that you have provided is not accurate, up-to-date, and complete, Bakersfield Web Design reserve all the rights to decline your access to any services or any of its resources and to terminate or suspend your account at any time.

Bakersfield Web Design is fully authorized to save your credit card info on file that can later be used for any regular service, server, or network equipment required to develop or launch your website, additional development hours, without any earlier notice. However, our representatives, all the time, bring this in awareness so that you are conscious of all the procedures.

My Account:

The My Account area is a convenient way to communicate.

It is your sole responsibility to check the account area to address any queries, concerns, or additional instructions required by the designer. Not checking or using the Account Area frequently shall not provide you adequate grounds for a refund. However, if you are uncertain how to use the area, you may contact the customer support team at any time for assistance.

Quality Assurance Policy:

In order to provide the customer with wanted expectations, our team doesn't differ from the specification and conditions provided by the customer in the order form. After thorough research, the designs that are created are of high quality and unique. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, We rework the ordered design and keep on revising it until you are 100% satisfied (depends upon your package).

Domain and Hosting:

Domain and hosting will be given with the expectation of complimentary site bundles, where material. All the email accounts gave site bundles can be arranged on outsider email delicate products, for example, standpoint. Each email record will have 10MB of space. If you are not facilitating your site with us, we won't give email accounts. There is no discount for the facilitating, area, or email server bundle Delivery Policy All plan request records are conveyed to My Account according to the date indicated on the "Request Confirmation."

An email is additionally sent to educate the customer about their plan request conveyance made to their particular record territory. All arrangements relating to update and discount are liable to date and time of configuration request conveyed to the customer's record zone. All plan request records are conveyed to "My Account" according to the date determined on the "Request Confirmation." An email is likewise sent to illuminate the customer about their plan request conveyance made to their particular record territory. All arrangements relating to correction and discount are liable to date and time of configuration request conveyed to the customer's record territory. We communicate all our modified plan orders through email inside 5 to 7 days of accepting your application.

We offer a RUSH DELIVERY administration through which you can have your first logo tests inside 48 hours by paying just $100 extra! For additional help, get in touch with us at 24-Hour Customer Support Center. Record Maintenance we track your finished structure once we give you the last documents. In the event that you require the last records again, later on, we can send them to you at your solicitation. Client care offer 24-Hour Customer Support to address your inquiries and questions. You can reach us whenever and we assurance to react right away.

100% Unique Design Guarantee:

At Bakersfield Web Design, we guarantee that all of our customers' designs are made from scratch. This way, you will have a site design that is tailor-made for your business.

We guarantee that your site design is unique and impressive to increase your visitors.


Our Company will provide assistance to our Clients to integrate 3rd party plugins and APIs. The Company will not have anything to do with any third party dealings during the development of this project. All additional work will require a separate fee agreement.